The Human Body, a magnificent composition harmoniously functioning without conscious effort. Your Feet are part of this amazing super structure, an integral part of your mobility and instrumental in determining the ease of body motion. However, feet and ankle problems occur and manifest into other complications that may effect the knee, hip or back.
Therefore, when it comes to your feet and ankle disorders,
there's only one place to go, and that’s to
... The Foot and Ankle Center in Canton, Ohio.
Our expertise allows us to treat all related problems.
We diagnose your foot condition as early as possible, eliminating
any other complications before they emerge so you can lead
a healthy and active life ...
October 26, 2016

To all of my Patients at The Foot & Ankle Center,

I have served the Canton Community whole heartedly and joyfully for 47 years, and now I find myself saying it is time for me to retire as of December 31, 2016. I will miss all my patients, for all taught me everyday just how exciting, and wonderful it is to be YOU!

Knowing I would be seeing you, talking with you, sharing with you, made it extremely easy for me to come to work, because I had you all to look forward to. You will all be missed.

I wish for you continued good health, a happy and a prosperous life on your journey through it. Thank you for all of the years of continued support in my practice, and for making it such a grand success here in Canton, Ohio.

I am also very sorry for any inconvenience I may be causing during this time of transition.

Most Sincerely,

Dr. Charles S. Yarnevich